Pine Cone Contest

Enter your pine cone in the World's Largest Pine Cone Contest!

Cones must be turned in by NOON at the Festival. Late entries are not eligible.
Prizes galore!

Winners announced at 1pm.
Please note: record breakers remain the property of the Pine Cone Festival and will be displayed at Pine Rose Cabins in Twin Peaks.  All other entries must be collected by the owner by 3:30pm or will be disposed of by the Festival.

Coulter pines and Sugar pines only. Coulters are measured by weight and Sugar pines are measured by length.

There is a winner in each category every year, but if your cone breaks the record there is a special Record Breaker prize!

The record to beat for Coulter is 5lbs, 2.8 oz. The length to beat for Sugar pine is  23-1/4".

Alex Chacon of the Inland Empire Resrouce Conservation District (IERCD) will be the judge. All decisions are final. In the case of a tie, there are guidelines in place for breaking the tie - only one winner per cone type.

PLEASE NOTE: For coulter pines they cannot be "closed or "green" - this isn't a color, it is a state of the pine cone where the spikes are closed up. For sugar pines, the STEM is not included in the length. See samples below. Speak with Alex at the Festival if you have any questions.
IERCDLogo-Stacked_Transparent LOGO 04-22.png

This is a "green" or "close" coulter

- not eligible!

These are open or seasoned coulters

- they are eligible


Pine Cone

Craft Contest


What amazing thing can you make out of a Pine Cone? 




See RULES for On-Site creations! Check deadlines for entries!

Design you own charming pine cone craft! It can be humorous, beautiful, abstract or natural.  

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Prizes will be awarded in three age groups:
6th grade & under, 7th thru 12th grades, and Adults.


Visitors  - adults AND children - will have an opportunity to design  craft items AT the Festival. Thanks to our sponsor, Church of the Woods,  all craft items and pinecones are provided at no charge.  Festival volunteers will assist the children in their efforts.  The craft designs may be taken home and/or entered in our Craft Contest.


All on-site entries must be turned in by 2pm the day of the Festival. Entries from home must be received by NOON.


Entries made at home may be submitted by 7th grade-12th grade and Adults ONLY.  These At-Home Entries  must be delivered to the Festival  by  Noon the day of the event.  MAX ONE ENTRY PER PERSON!  Entries must be collected by 3:30pm or will be disposed of by the Festival.

This contest is sponsored by:



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Darlene Coriz 1st pl adult craft.jpg
1st Place adult entry 2018

Pine Cone


​Every year the Pine Cone Olympics is a BIG HIT! We have had children as young as 2 and adults as old as 87 enter in the Olympics!

OLYMPICS COMPETITION OPEN from 10am to 2:30pm!

Get there early so you have time to improve your score!

Between 2:30pm and 3:30pm, you can still enjoy the Olympics,

but for fun, not part of the contest.

Three Olympic events:

• Pine Cone Archery

• Pine Cone Hoop Toss

• Pine Cone Shot Put

There are four age categories each

for males and females:


2022 Prizes


 Grand Prize  Overall Male & Female Winners

can win a Season Pass to Snow Valley

valued at $299

Prizes for each age/gender Category are:

• First Prize 3 lift tickets to

   Snow Valley Mountain Resort ($207 value)

• Second Prize 2 lift tickets to

   Snow Valley Mountain Resort ($138 value)

• Third Prize 1 lift ticket to

   Snow Valley Mountain Resort ($69 value)

Plus ski passes & lessons for the Youth Overall


Compete the first time FREE. Additional chances

to improve your score are $1 for youth 12 & under,

and $2 for all others each round. All proceeds go to

the Marching Band from Rim of the World High School, who

will be managing the activities.


Sponsored by :



A special activity at the Pine Cone Olympics is the First Responder Pine Cone Brigade!  Our local partners (CHP, CAL FIRE, USFS, SBC Sheriff's COPs & Explorers, SBC Fire and RS Fire) compete in the PC Olympics to take home the Pine Cone Brigade Trophy for their crews.

CAL FIRE holds the championship honor right now,  who will be Champions this year?

CAL FIRE winners 19 edited.jpg